Marike Dukic

Real estate agent
076-001 65 04

Marike is not just a real estate agent – for her, it’s a passion and a lifestyle. With an impressive background in sports, Marike brings the spirit of competition into every deal. She not only possesses impressive skills in navigating the real estate industry but also demonstrates outstanding endurance and commitment.

Before stepping into the role of a real estate agent, Marike excelled in sales, and she has seamlessly transferred that skill to the real estate world. Her experience and sharp negotiation skills make her a reliable partner for both sellers and buyers. Marike has the ability to exceed expectations and deliver results that not only meet the clients’ requirements but also surpass them.

Marike believes in building long-term relationships and understands that each real estate transaction is unique. Her competitive nature and passion for achieving the best possible outcomes make her a real estate agent who not only meets expectations but exceeds them. With a solid background in sales and sports, Marike is an indispensable force within the Edward & Partners team, and her dedication to creating successful real estate deals is evident in every step of the process.