Why should I hire Edward & Partners?
We are the personal broker who always gives our all for you as a customer. In our work, nothing is left to chance. We are results-oriented and fully focused on your buy or sale and we know how to maximize the potential for your sales. For us, it is important to build long-term relationships and we take the utmost care to make sure that you as a customer feel satisfied. That is why we are always flexible, responsive and accessible. At Edward & Partners, we strive to always be at the forefront and be an innovative real estate agency. 

It says that you are active on Östermalm, in Vasastan and on Kungsholmen, but I live in another area. Do you sell everywhere in Stockholm?
Yes! We are experts on the housing market in the inner city, but our knowledge extends throughout Stockholm and we are happy to provide housing throughout Stockholms Län. 

Does home styling increase the value of my apartment?
Home styling can make a big difference to the final price and we recommend it in most cases. Not because we want to change your home, but because professional styling highlights and strengthens the top qualities of your home and makes it easier for potential buyers to imagine living there. At Edward & Partners, we collaborate with the market’s best stylists precisely to maximize the potential of home sales. 

Should you buy or sell first?
It depends on your finances, and every purchase of a home is unique. Buying first can be convenient as you can make any renovations without the need for expensive intermediate housing, but it also means a double housing cost for a period. Selling first gives a clear picture of what budget you have for your next home. Are you unsure which option is right for you? Contact us and we will help you. 

What are the price per square meter for larger apartments and small ones right now?
Small apartments have long had a higher price per square meter, but during the pandemic, demand for larger apartments increased. The market is in constant motion, so to get the correct analysis of the current situation it is best to contact us directly. 

What is the difference between a real and a “fake” tenant-owner association?
The vast majority of Swedish tenant-owner associations are genuine. Simply put, in order to be classified as a genuine tenant-owner association by the Swedish Tax Agency more than 40% of the income must come from, for example, rental apartments, rental premises or monthly fees from legal persons who own apartments in the association. This means, among other things, unusually low monthly fees for tenant-owners, that deferral is not allowed on the profit from a sale or that it may be included from previous sales, that the profit tax is 25% on a sale (instead of 22%) and that you are taxed on benefits due to housing benefit. For more info, please see www.skatteverket.se. 

What is the difference between a tenant-owner association and a housing association? 
Housing associations were the forerunners of today’s tenant-owner associations. This form of housing existed before the Tenancy Act arose. Today, tenant-owner associations are the most common form of housing. Housing associations comply with the Tenancy Act, while tenant-owner associations are governed by the Economic Associations Act. In addition, many issues in housing associations are left to the association’s statutes. Rules for buying/selling also differ. 

I know where I want to live, but my dream home is not on the market. Can you help me find it? 
We are happy to help you find the perfect accommodation. We receive your wishes for an apartment or housing, then we monitor the market to find the right property that suits your specific wishes. We also work to find your dream home for sale, i.e. outside of the public market. Many deals are made in this way today and we have a large network of prospective buyers and sellers. 

I have a bank contact but would like to compare with others. Do you have any tips? 
We cooperate with Nordea and have close contact with them. They have helped many of our customers and we always get fast service and good conditions. Get in touch and we will tell you more. 

Do I need to renovate before a sale to maximize profits? What is worth and not worth doing? 
We are happy to have a meeting on-site to see what you can do to maximize the potential for your particular home. This is to ensure that you invest in the right way. We cooperate with craftsmen for everything from painting walls to complete renovations. 

I have a new home that I want to decorate. Do you have any tips? 
We have our own professional home decorator with us at Edward & Partners. She is happy to help you with everything from tips and advice to turning your home into a dream home. Feel free to contact us and we will book a consultation. 


Do you have further questions? 
Contact us at info@edwardpartners.se or  08 – 22 80 80 and we will help you.