Mario Gerges

070 144 10 97

Mario has worked at Edward & Partners since 2020, but he has already managed to make a positive impression. With an eye for sales, Mario has used his knowledge to improve Edward & Partners’ marketing strategy. He has been responsible for the company’s re-branding, where he and a creative agency have updated the company’s brand.

The customers always appreciate Mario’s professionalism, positive attitude and energy during conversations, meetings and house tours. During his time at Edward & Partners, Mario found a passion for the brokerage profession and is now, while working in the office, studying to become a broker.

He will accomplish his goal with no problem. In his role at Edward & Partners, he is involved in all aspects of the work, from helping with house tours to bookings and assisting the office in Marbella. This has already given him invaluable industry knowledge, which is beneficial for his career at Edward & Partners.