Sell ​​with Edward & Partners

Our first meeting

We visit your home to collect information about the place and your specific needs and wishes. Each property is unique and when you trust us to sell your home we will do our utmost to find that "little extra" that allows us to find the right buyer and thus the maximum return. It is important to us that you as a seller always feel confident and satisfied, therefore we always have an open communication with all parties throughout the process.

A strong concept

A really good deal requires a really strong concept. With an eye for detail and extensive market knowledge, we ensure that your home is presented in the best possible way. It can be anything from styling to renovation - small investments that give great returns. That is why we work with the industry's best photographers, stylists and interior designers to create attractive prospects that stand out on the market.

A tailor-made strategy

We find the right path to the right buyer. Quality and knowledge are the foundations of our business. That is why we always develop a well planned tailor-made sales and marketing strategy for your particular home. This applies regardless of whether it is about advertising in selected newspapers, digital media, unique advertising solutions or other services. If you want a more discreet sales process, we can of course sell your property through our solid network of prospective buyers. Of course, we design the strategy for your particular sale together with you as a seller, always with the goal of giving you the maximum return on your property.

A successful sale

We are with you all the way from the first meeting to the sale of your home - but it does not end there. We focus on long-term relationships, which means that we do not only take care of the sales process and contract writing, but also ensure the highest customer satisfaction throughout the process. We always aim that you should be more than satisfied with our work. Our ambition is to gain your trust to help you again with the sale of your home in the future.

Buy with Edward & Partners

Have you found your dream home?

As we represent many attractive houses, you should contact the responsible agent directly if you are interested - in today's market it can go fast and many homes are sold before the official viewing of the property. Also, express your interest directly on our website and you will automatically be updated if a preview of the house is available or if the bidding process starts.

The bidding process

Every house sale is unique. Therefore, the length of the bidding process varies depending on the speculators and sellers. The most common is that you have an open bidding, but sometimes there are so-called hidden offers which have certain conditions that will only be presented to the seller, not the other bidders. It is the seller who decides to whom and at what price the home is to be sold. Of course, as brokers we always try to recommend to the seller what we think is best for the deal, while we want to keep all parties informed and satisfied. A bidding list is always handed out with all bids submitted to both buyers and sellers before completion.

When the home becomes yours

Nothing is set in stone until the contract is written - that means that offers arriving before the contract is written must be provided to the seller. Consequently, as soon as you win the bidding, you must contact the bank to get the purchase approved and then we book a time for contract writing. After the contract has been written, you normally have about a week to pay the down payment of 10 percent, after which you pay the final payment on the completion day.